How can Email Encryption Help Your Business

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Businesses exchange emails that contain highly sensitive information including data of customers, clients, vendors, business partners, and more within the organization between the employees or outside of the organization with business partners. With the fear of hacking, there is a greater emphasis on making sure such exchange of emails happen in a more safe and secure manner.  Email encryption is the most effective way of exchanging emails while protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the sensitive data that they contain.


With email encryption, you send the messages in a cryptic form making it impossible for hackers, and unauthorized interceptors to read the contents of the email. Only authorized people with a valid Key can de-code the encrypted message and read it.

Miscreants, professional hackers, competitors are always looking to steal sensitive information of businesses to know competitor business strategy and use it against them, lower the confidence of customers in a business, lower the morale of employees of a business, and hackers intercept emails for fun. Email encryption offers protection against any such attacks.

Why Encrypt Your Emails:

Email encryption has become mandatory for most businesses, irrespective of the size, shape, and the nature of the business they conduct. Most business emails contain telephone numbers, physical or email address, credit or debit card information, social security numbers, etc., of customers. Such information falling into the hands of hackers might result in identity theft, financial loss for customers, and results in lawsuits worth millions of dollars against companies.

Well, apart from saving companies from embarrassment and offering a shield against lawsuits, email encryption also helps companies protect the integrity of their employee data, training material, marketing leads, contact lists, and help comply with various IT regulations. Email encryption protects your sensitive data from hackers who try to steal it using Virus, Malware, Spyware, Phishing attacks, or even Spam.

How Can Businesses Benefits from Email Encryption?

As email  has become the most favored and formal form of communication among businesses, modern day business relies on email for speedy, flexible, and convenient exchange of communication within the organization and for communicating with outside parties, as well!

However, as the online world is prone to the threats from intruders who spy on your network intercept the sensitive data, etc., there is a greater need to transmit such emails containing sensitive data in the most secured manner. Email encryption offers a great way to protect your data from such intruders, hackers and safely transmit the message to the actual recipient. Here are some compelling reasons why your businesses need to use email encryption.

  • Protect information from falling into the hands of competitors: Email encryption by converting readable text and graphs into unique codes make it impossible for interceptors or hackers to read and understand the messages emails contain. As such encrypting emails saves businesses from protecting its intellectual property such as marketing strategies, business leads, clients and vendor lists, employee details, training materials, etc.
  • Protection against Email Replay: It is easy to open, read, alter, save email messages, and send them to the recipients. Such emails look genuine to the recipient, and may act in accordance with the message contained in the email. Hackers, competitors may modify the message in such a way that the recipient will take an adverse action, which hurts the business. Email encryption offers strong protection against altering, modifying emails that hurts the objectives of the business.
  • Helps Fight Identity Theft: Identity theft is a common occurrence and has some serious consequence on the personal and financial life of an individual or an organization. It becomes easy to read plain messages and steal very personal data such as Social Security Number, other identification details, bank account, financial records, etc. Email encryption offers great protection against such threats by using a cryptic code to transmit such sensitive information over the emails.
  • Easy and Convenient exchange of emails: Email encryption systems available on the market help send emails in the most safe, secure manner to the recipients without any hassle or any special software installation requirement. You can send messages of any size, and of any kind with attachments, texts, images, etc.
  • Value added services: Email encryption services offer a host of other value additions apart from offering you the ability to send emails in the safest and most secure manner. Some of the additional benefits that such encryption systems offer your business include controlling access to the emails you send out, set the validity for the emails, get read receipts, etc.

Email encryption without any doubt protects the intellectual property of your business, and helps build confidence of customers and employees in your business.