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Seek Email Encryption for Protecting Sensitive Information

Unintentional mistakes are common. People often send emails in error and forget data drives in cafés, which are the potential sources of highly-sensitive information. Yet again, the flaw in data security comes down to human hands. However, people want financial

How a Simple Spam Filtering can Free up Your Time

SPAM, SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM, each one of us receives it in bulk. It is extremely annoying to receive an infinite number of junk emails every day and having to wade through them to get to the important one.

How can Email Encryption Help Your Business

Businesses exchange emails that contain highly sensitive information including data of customers, clients, vendors, business partners, and more within the organization between the employees or outside of the organization with business partners. With the fear of hacking, there is a

Email Anti-Spam and Virus Protection for Businesses – There is Hope

Spam email is on the rise and recent statistic shows spam messages account for 56.52% of all email traffic worldwide. Today, spam mails are not just marketing mails, but they contain malicious codes, Trojan programs and viruses that bring down

Why You Should Go for Signature Based Email Filtering Solution

Email is one of the most favored methods used by hackers to launch attacks and get access to sensitive data. And malicious hackers use social engineering techniques that lure a user into launching a malicious file or opening a link to

Email Filtering Service: Keep Spam Messages from Disrupting Your Work Flows

Distractions and redundancies are the perfect productivity killers in a business organization and a spam message is a perfect combination of both these productivity killers. Though an unwanted element in emails, it has grown to become inevitable and unavoidable. With

Importance of Spam Filtering Services in Business Operations

Ever since its inception, email has been a revolutionary means of communication, used by everyone who is familiar with the internet. Though technology has advanced and various other forms of communication like VoIP calls, text messages and video calls are

The Essential Features of an Email Archiving Solution

Why is email archiving important? The email archiving solution besides addressing some of the critical constraints of an IT department, it also helps in enhancing the accessibility and scalability of emails in an organization. While email continues to be the

Key Things to Consider in Dynamic IP VPN

These days, dynamic IP VPNs are being preferred by business users because of maintaining higher degree of anonymity and also for avoiding blocks experienced in accessing certain websites.  Obviously privacy and security are the two biggest concerns that make people

Things to Consider When Buying Top VPN Software

As for choosing the best VPN service provider one must remember that for being considered as the top one an array of VPN service providers and software are gunning for and this is the reason why choosing the best service