Dot Net Nuke Programming: What’s Trending in the Market

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Be it hardware development or software, technology is showing no signs of slowing down. What’s new today is already old tomorrow and businesses are having a hard time catching up with the ever changing trends. Content management systems (CMS) are no exception to the change and in this article we will limit ourselves to study the effect of technological trends/changes on the popular, DotNetNuke platform. We will study the newest trends that are rocking the world of commercial websites, digital marketing, social media, big data etc. and learn how DotNetNuke programmers must adapt to these new trends. Read on to know more.

DotNetNuke- A Brief Introduction

Before we go deep into the newest CMS trends and the effects they are having on the DNN platform, let’s briefly understand the nature of DNN and its popularity as a CMS. DotNetNuke ( is based on Microsoft .NET and is designed to be a free, open source framework so that DotNetNuke programmers from all around the world can contribute to its ecosystem. Compared to other content management systems, DNN is believed to be a more user-friendly, feature rich and cost effective CMS. Its extensible features, three-tier architecture model, exhaustive library of modules and skins make DNN highly preferable. Owing to its user-friendly nature and extreme extensibility, today over 750,000 websites use CMS, including big organizations like NASA and Verizon.

Dot Net Nuke Programming What's Trending in the Market

6 CMS Trends DNN Programmers Must Watch Out For

1. Data

Literally there’s a data explosion going on everywhere, every business organization wants data and is ready to spend billions to capitalize on them. With the advent of advanced computers which can crunch terabytes and petabytes of data into useful information, targeted marketing is suddenly the need of the hour. DotNetNuke programmers need to jump on the data bandwagon, get their hands on data from external sources and deliver meaningful, targeted content to their customers.

2. Analytics

Extending the above point, excluding the data from other sources, DNN developers can procure the data their own websites produce using tools such as Google Analytics. Right from the browsers your customers use to the web pages that are being ignored, all kinds of user activity can be narrowed down to numbers. Using the same data, one can make necessary changes to the website to drive more traffic and improve SEO. DNN programmers must work on making procurement of data much easier by improving the CMS systems.

3. Mobile Responsiveness

2015 saw the beginning of mobilegeddon as Google made serious changes to its search algorithm, forcing websites to be mobile friendly. Google’s actions are justifiable since majority of people access internet on their phones today and most of the websites were designed for laptop screens. DotNetNuke programmers must redesign their layout strategies and ensure that their websites adapt to all kinds of screens, be it smartphones or laptops or tablets.

4. Going Cloud

The amount of infrastructure required by CMS is woeful to many small business organizations. Rather than having their own servers, operating systems, application software, networking hardware and maintenance team, DotNetNuke programmers can have their web CMS maintained and delivered by a cloud service provider. Going cloud can save a lot of money and human resources for organizations and allow them to focus on the software aspects of the CMS alone.

5. Social Media Integration

The amount of time people spend on social media is only increasing day by day. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are the new age media where people find everything they need. They are no longer limited to engagement and have evolved to become distribution vehicles to direct customers from one channel to another. DNN programmers must capitalize on this aspect of social media and use them effectively to drive traffic and interest to their websites.

6. User Experience

With digital marketing on the rise, marketers are having a hard time to grab the attention of their customers. DNN programmers must realize that their customers have plenty of options and they are going to ignore a website when it’s not appealing anymore. Programmers must realize that bounce rates are only going to rise unless they focus on user-friendliness, design, speed and ease of navigation of their websites. To summarize, DotNetNuke developers must use their CMS more effectively to offer the best user experience.