Email Filtering Service: Keep Spam Messages from Disrupting Your Work Flows

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Distractions and redundancies are the perfect productivity killers in a business organization and a spam message is a perfect combination of both these productivity killers. Though an unwanted element in emails, it has grown to become inevitable and unavoidable. With technological advancements all around, spammers and hackers have also improvised to become smarter and more evasive. The advancement and inevitability of spam is so rampant that almost 60% of the email communication happening all over is basically junk mail today. To summarize, a large number of unwanted mails are overshadowing a large number of genuine mails and there is an urgent need to rectify this blunder with the help of email filtering services. Read on to know more.

Email Filtering Service Keep Spam Messages from Disrupting Your Work FlowsWhy Are Email Filtering Services Important?

If you are an individual who uses emails once in a while, unwanted messages might not seem as too much of an intrusion or irritation. However, the same is not true when we are talking about big organizations where thousands and lakhs of people rely on emails every day, for all sorts of communication. In situations like this, an email filtering service is very necessary, here’s why.

1. To reduce operational overhead

Every big organization has an email system of its own, hosted by a primary email server. A lot of equipment, money and human resource is spent on the installation and maintenance of these servers. If 60% of the resource and money spent on these servers is being used to breed a culture of useless junk mail, it is certainly a matter to worry about. Thus email filtering services and antispam solutions keep all these unwanted mails out of the system, and reduce the overall money and resource needed to operate the email servers.

2. To increase productivity

If most of your organization’s communication relies on emails, it is certainly customary for your employees to check each and every mail without fail. Everyday hundreds of emails get stacked in your inbox, and if 60% of that stack is spam, imagine the amount of time spent on opening each mail, only to find out that it was a spam. Productivity takes a huge blow due to these useless messages and even lowers the spirit of your employees, often distracting or frustrating them. Email filtering services put an end to this misery and keep the distracting spam at bay.

3. To avoid data breach

If you presume, spam messages are all about unwanted mails promoting products, selling sales coupons and clogging up your inbox with newsletters, you know nothing about spam. Hackers and cyber criminals use spam mails as click baits to extract sensitive information from your employees. The Nigerian ‘advance fee scam’ email scam is a popular scam of this kind, which asks for private info like credit card details by luring people with fake prizes and lotteries they didn’t win. Email filtering services deploy spam filters which will blacklist such fraudsters and ensure you never receive such mails again.

4. To avoid malwares and viruses

Junk mails are not just used as click-baits to extract sensitive information but to also deploy harmful malwares, viruses and Trojan horses. Hackers send spam messages that are full of such viruses and all it takes is one company system for them to infiltrate your entire email setup, data storage facilities and other digital vaults. If you are a big organization, it is certainly an embarrassment to face your customers, clients and stock holders after an enormous hack of this kind. Email filtering services use special spam filters to block such malicious emails at their mail exchange record before these mails reach your primary server.

5. To save money

Apart from boosting productivity and keeping your computer systems away from scammers and viruses, email filtering services will help your organization in saving a lot of money. Compared to the losses borne from hacks, data breaches and system breakdowns, hiring these services is a lot inexpensive. In addition to being comparatively cheap, these filters can be directly integrated to your existing email setup. Also, no additional training is required to integrate these filters as they have a friendly user-interface.