The Essential Features of an Email Archiving Solution

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Why is email archiving important? The email archiving solution besides addressing some of the critical constraints of an IT department, it also helps in enhancing the accessibility and scalability of emails in an organization. While email continues to be the most important medium of communication across businesses, the challenges faced to meet the evolving needs of email systems are enormous.

Email archiving solutions are equipped to address these problems by transferring an organization’s email to a different archive that can easily be indexed and searched whenever necessary. There are also email archiving solutions that are able to accommodate s the ever increasing volume of data that needs to be stored by introducing various ways of storing data. For instance, just by keeping a single instance of an attachment that has been shared on several occasions, an email archiving solution can address the problem of limited storage.

The Essential Features of an Email Archiving Solution

How email archiving solutions work?

Any sophisticated email archiving solution offers two main functions :(a) the means of capturing email messages and processing them to deposit in a physical archive,(b) the archiving engine equipped to index email contents by applying policies for search.

The next question is how these above mentioned responsibilities are split and shared between the customer-site and the provider who makes the ultimate service offerings. While some services are entirely cloud based, there are others that offer services partially based on customer’s email infrastructure.

Creating value while archiving your mails

Archiving solution empowers businesses to store and manage all critical communication and important files effectively. Besides storage, it also equips managers with accessibility to important business insight through the generated reports. Thus, archiving actually adds value to your mails.

From archiving emails to archiving all other business-critical information contained in files and folders, faxes, messages and voice messages can be stored securely in one central storage. This makes accessing all types of information and business communications contextually possible. Therefore, robust archiving helps users retrieve anything at any time with ease.

Addressing storage concern

Managing of storage space is a big consideration when choosing an email archiving solution. Automatic email archiving enhances the efficiency of creating storage for emails to a great extent. Improved server performance, thanks to better room for storing increasing volume of emails, also helps in addressing concerns about faster accessibility.

There are various ways to manage storage space by an email archiving solution. Single-instance storage or SIS is one of them. With SIS principle, a single copy of multiple attachments of the same content, or a single mail received by number of recipients is saved and stored thus saving space. Furthermore, by compressing the email attachments much space is created.

Easy collaboration in workplace

A file archiving assistant program with the solution facilitates easy management and workplace collaboration on various files. With email archiving solution in place, employees working across locations can collaborate on shared documents without needing to rely on third-party storage services. While all the business-critical company data is stored securely in searchable archive, each little change made and collaborative activities on the shared documents and files are saved to allow users to see the older documents and track the changes at any point of time

E-discovery and compliance

Meeting compliance standards at any given point of time by addressing the e-discovery request through an archive search is no longer a tedious process. This is because of the email archiving solution. When companies across the globe are often required to maintain and produce electronic copy of documents, records and email correspondences as directed by the local and federal regulations, email archiving solution provides them the needful at the right time.

Uninterrupted access irrespective of time and place

Losing business correspondence, deleting an important attachment or losing track of emails, when you need them the most is not short of a nightmare. Now, thanks to email archiving solution backing your mail system, accessing any file, correspondence or attachment is no longer a headache. Moreover, the service can let you access mails and files almost anytime and anywhere. A sophisticated archiver will let you view your mails and files across the devices while removing all constraints of accessibility.

Ensuring business intelligence

Finally, the huge volume of business emails, the contacts and files make a large chunk of crucial business data that can be put to use for further data analytics. An archiving solution equipped with data analytics can also help in identifying business issues, assess legal risk and monitor certain areas that are negatively impacting productivity. These analytical jobs are done by reporting on the critical business data identified in the archiving process. A simple and easy interface for generating quicker reports can help companies work on actionable information found in the archive.