FAQ – How to Connect to Apple Health Kit

Estimated Time to Read: 3 minutes

The Apple Healthkit Scales helps you to stay motivated to exercise and improve your health condition. The Apple Healthkit Scales sync data to your iPhone that makes it a useful and fun way to track your progress.

Healthkit is Apple’s framework on iOS for sharing health data with granular permission between Apple’s built-in Healthkit app on your iPhone and the weighing scale. When you weigh yourself, the healthkit-compatible Scale syncs the health app’s data and shares it with you.

Step1– Download the Health Scale App

Step2– Create an account in the scale app using your username and Email Id.

Step3– Press and hold the button at the back of the Scale for three seconds to turn on the device.

• Pressing the unit button on the back can also change the unit’s lbs/Kgs. After the unit change is set and confirmed, you can release the button after a few seconds.

Step4– Pair the Scale with the Apple Healthkit app

• To pair the Scale with the healthkit app, connect it to your wifi

Step5– After pairing the Scale with your wifi, Open profile in your scale app.

• Click on profile, scroll down to Apps, and click on the Apple Healthkit app.
• Click “Turn on all categories” to allow health data to share.

Step 6– Open phone settings to all data sharing with the scale app.

• For your Apple phone, Open your Health App in settings in the sources tab make sure the scale app receives all health data.

Step7– Open The Scale App

• Go into the settings.
• Click to connect health data
• Double click on the setting option and sign in with your user name and email id.
• Agree to allow the app to access data.

Step8– Step on the Scale.

To confirm the Scale-up correctly, step on the Scale, and it should automatically show your weight log chat on the app’s progress page. It may take a little longer to display the data depending on your wifi/Bluetooth connectivity strength.

The process to sync scale to your iPhone may vary depending on the model of the phone.

The new iOS 13 update may affect your ability to connect the Scale as you may need the latest version of the healthkit app. When you are using the app next time, a pop up will appear and ask for Bluetooth permission. Make sure you continue to allow your Bluetooth and connect your device to sync the data.

Troubleshoot The Scale

If weight values are off, here is what you can recalibrate the Scale

• Remove the batteries from the Scale for one to 2 minutes and then reinsert them.
• Once done, place the Scale on the floor, wait for a few seconds, and weigh yourself.
• Make sure you wait for at least 10 seconds before weighing yourself, as the Scale takes time to calibrate.
• Also, wait for ten seconds each time to weigh again and again that it can calibrate.

Troubleshooting Apple Healthkit with Scale

To connect with the Apple scale health app to Apple healthkit, to sync the data.

• Open the Health Scale App and select “Profile.” Then select the Apple Health logo.

• You will then promptly to enable syncing with Healthkit.

• You can manage the data synced to and from the Health scale app and Healthkit by opening the Apple health app on your iOS device and selecting “Sources” then Healthkit.

• Information from Scale app will automatically begin to sync with Apple Healthkit.

How to disable syncing data from the Apple scale app to Apple healthkit app and re-enable it?

Follow the below steps to do this.

• Uninstall or Delete the Apple Scale App (earlier data will remain stored on the server).

• Open Apple Healthkit> Select Sources Tab>Select Scale App> Select ‘Turn All Categories off’> Reinstall Apple Scale App

• Log in with your Apple scale credentials> Select ‘Profile’ And Select Apple Healthkit Logo

• Select ‘Turn All Categories On’ and then select ‘Allow’ from the app’s right side to get back all the saved data.

• The app will show a green checkmark on the Healthkit icon in the Profile section of the app. Both the app will begin syncing again.

• Now Apple Scale App data will automatically sync and transfer to the Apple health app.

• Ensure that ‘Background App Refresh’ is enabled for the Scale app.