Why You Should Go for Signature Based Email Filtering Solution

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Email is one of the most favored methods used by hackers to launch attacks and get access to sensitive data. And malicious hackers use social engineering techniques that lure a user into launching a malicious file or opening a link to an infected site that is generally sent through email.

Businesses need to develop a strong email authentication strategy to include using the best anti-spam filters like signature based email authentication. Before we look at the advantages of signature based email filtering, let’s see how it works

Why You Should Go for Signature Based Email Filtering Solution

How Signature-based Security Filter Works?

A signature-based email filter works like a law enforcement officer that seeks to identify criminals based on the mode of operation. The email filters, checks for code sequences and specific actions and compares it against the database of known signatures which are indicative of malware.

The best way to get rid of such security issues is by hiring vendors offering email solutions that have a team of experts analyzing email traffic 24/7. This is because whenever spammers devise new spamming technique, the team of experts creates a signature that identifies new spamming technique and filters out spam.

Now that we know how the signature based security filters work, here are a few reasons that show why signature-based authentication system is the best solution for you.

Why Signature-based Authentication

Foolproof Protection From Online Threats

Signature based authentication system scans all incoming and outgoing emails and continuously work to eliminate threats before they reach users. It can filter out different malicious threats including worms, viruses, junk mail and other malicious file attachments.

Highly Effective

Signature-based email authentication uses cryptography technology which is impossible to spoof.  This message authentication system scans messages in real time using cutting-edge filtering technology with 99% effectiveness. Vendors offering signature based email authentication system continually update their signature database to know about different attack types. This ensures optimal protection to your sensitive data transmitted through emails at all times.

Cost Effective

Despite being highly effective, the signature based mail filtering is the lowest price solution available for corporates. Additional cost savings come in the form of lower IT administration, reduced bandwidth usage, and zero end-user involvement to manage spam.

Minimal False Positives

Signature based authentication systems are highly effective against any malicious attacks that have been detected in past. The system uses trusted key and digital signatures to authenticate emails. While hackers can spoof email addresses, digital signatures employ algorithms for creating and identification that are impossible to spoof.

Email Shadowing

Being a business owner, can you afford to lose sensitive emails even if it is for catastrophic or any other reason?

Of course not, right?

But, this is never a problem when you opt for email shadowing. Vendors offering signature based email authentication also provide email shadowing services that can quickly restore any deleted email.

This is possible because vendors archive emails up to 45 days and businesses using these email solutions can use shadow archive tool to recover any inbound or outbound mail.

Secure Hosting Environment

Vendors offering signature based email authentication system come with a secure and robust infrastructure for hosting the services.  They use multiple redundant N+1 data centers that ensure 99.9% uptime and reliability.

There is no doubt, signature based email filtering is a robust solution to protect your emails containing intellectual property and critical business data. The technology can also be used in tandem with other email authentication technologies to increase its effectiveness.

So, what is your opinion about signature based email authentication system? Have you explored any before or plan to use one in the near future? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below, we’d love to hear from you.