How a Minority-Owned Software Development Company Help You?

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Minority-owned software development companies generally face unique challenges that their mainstream counterparts may not often encounter. Getting the business itself successfully off the ground can be difficult in the first place as startup initiatives by people of color often run into roadblocks due to lack of finances, unavailability of proper funding sources, and lack of access to knowledgeable mentors and business networks. That many minority-owned businesses still manage to rise and succeed is a testament to their perseverance and grit.

Finding minority-owned software development companies

The simplest way to find minority-owned software companies is, of course, to run an online search for businesses near your locality and sift through the results. You can visit the business websites, find out about the range of software services that they provide, and read the testimonials of their previous clients.

You can also ask your existing business associates to provide references for minority-owned businesses that they work with. There are also the options of joining your local minority chamber and networking with their members or searching for relevant companies on business networking sites like LinkedIn. Additionally, you can visit the Small Business Administration website and comb through their directory for federally certified women and minority-owned businesses by industry.

You can contact the companies by email or phone, depending on their preference, explain your reasons for contacting them, inquire if they can take on your project and find out about their project expenses, and arrange to discuss things further by email, phone, or by video, or in-person meeting.

Reasons to work with minority-owned software development companies

Technology skills gaps negatively impact the global competitiveness of the United States, and to safeguard our position as a technological world leader, there needs to more effort in this country to bridge the growing digital divide and bring more minorities into the digital fold.

Whether you are a person of color yourself or someone who supports the inclusion of minorities in corporate America, you can assist in the process by hiring minority-owned software development companies for your business requirements.

Aside from the issue of social justice, here are some of the reasons why you might want to work with minority-owned software companies:

•  Given their struggle to stay relevant in a competitive industry, they are more likely to be innovative, creative, and up-to-date on emerging technologies. They are also likely to have solid customer service and be responsive to feedback. Additionally, they will understand the special business and software requirements of minority communities in a multitude of verticals like automotive, hospitality, and healthcare industries. They may even go the extra mile to help you succeed.

•  They will generally have a highly experienced IT staff that will be adept at assessing your organization’s IT requirements, providing relevant software services, offering software training, and managing complex IT infrastructure.

•  They can offer comprehensive software development assistance from initial idea development to final product implementation. For this, they will generally create a software requirement map and assess your business and software resource availability. Going by that, they will suggest how you can enhance your current capabilities and resources without incurring a great deal of cost. They may also research the requirements of your business stakeholders and SMEs.

•  The services offered by minority-owned software development companies are varied in scope. They can range from services like enterprise architecture, software engineering as a service, and agile coaching to working on software development transformation, quality assurance, and software testing. Other software development services can include optimizing applications and performing application migration and modernization. They can ensure that you get a flexible, scalable, secure, and responsive IT infrastructure, and they know how to integrate it seamlessly with your business operations.

•  They will understand security concerns, especially in outsourcing, and will have comprehensive risk management and data protection policy frameworks in place.

As with all your business dealings, it is advisable to have a clear and detailed work scope plan and contract in place before embarking on a professional partnership with any company. By formulating a win-win business strategy for all involved parties, you will be able to help minority-owned companies, boost your local economy, and, at the same time, benefit your own business.