How to Avail Job Card?

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Job cards are commonly used to detail to the workforce the jobs that have to be completed and to obtain information about the work done on those jobs. In many organizations, job cards are printed and handed over to the workforce for them to enter the details of the work completed.

The problem with paperwork is that it can be time-consuming and often handwritten content is hard to read. Also, some information may be missing. And since many workers don’t like doing administrative work, there is a possibility of delays and errors as well.

If you avail job cards for your workforce with the help of electronic job card software, you will be able to make lives easier and at the same time increase the efficiency and profitability of your business. Among other things, you would be able to reduce the problems with invoicing that depend on exact information.

How to avail electronic job cards?

Quality service within time is the major challenge of the service industry. With the help of electronic job card software, you can quickly create job cards giving the job details and your workforce can access these job cards on their mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Usually, electronic job cards have two parts-One, details of the job and contact details of the customer and two, a worksheet which your worker will fill up with the details of the work that has been done.

You can enter the details of the job along with customer address and phone number and then assign the job order to a worker most suitable to carry out the work successfully. The worker will be able to view this job order along with other assigned job orders on his or her mobile device. To see the job details, workers will just need to click on the job order. If needed, they can also ring or text the customer.

When work will be completed on an assigned job, the worker can enter the details of the work done and then click on complete. You will receive the job card and can start the invoicing process. You won’t need to be after your workers to complete and return the job cards and there will be no illegible, missing or incomplete information.

What are the benefits of electronic job cards?

Let us talk about the benefits of electronic job cards in some detail:

You get instant updates

The moment you assign jobs to your workers, they can view the jobs on their mobile devices. There is no waiting to get job cards. When a new job comes in, your workers will not need to come back to the office. Workers can update the job sheet at the click of a button. This means that you also don’t have to wait and can view the status of the job as it is updated.

With printed job cards, various departments become involved to track the movement of job sheets. When you use electronic job cards, they can use their time in better ways.

No errors and no missing information

Trying to decipher handwritten content can be a difficult process. The problem may be compounded if your workers are in a difficult or dirty location. Also, if job cards are filled up at the end of the week or later, there is a chance that some information may be forgotten. This can lead to disputes with customers.

When manually entering information into job sheets, there is also the chance of human error. They may inaccurately enter the time. With electronic job cards, you can track hours accurately.

No more missed invoices

If there are delays in filling up job cards and if there is missing information, there will be delays in sending invoices. There can also be cases of missed invoices. With electronic job cards, such problems can be avoided. You will be able to raise invoices as soon as the job is complete.

Electronic job cards ensure that invoices are not missed. Also, they carry accurate information that helps in the process of invoicing.

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