How to Choose a VoIP Phone Service Provider

Estimated Time to Read: 3 minutes

When we are traveling, there is no need for landlines. If you are looking for ways to streamline efficiencies in your business and open more dynamic paths of digital communication, it is high time to switch to VoIP phones to give your business integrated video, chat, voice and smartphone capabilities in an integrated cloud-based platform. There are lots of amazing VoIP systems in the market, but each has different pricing and a different set of features, so choosing can be troublesome. So you need to choose the right one that suits your business. Please stay with us and read till the end of choosing the best VoIP phone service.

Pricing and Plans

Let us begin with the most crucial aspect: Price. What good is choosing the best VoIP for small business with all whistles and bells if you are unable to afford it? Some providers start with $25 for each user per month for one to four users for accessing its barebones system. This includes access to the auto attendant, basing queuing services for incoming calls and unlimited calls. If you require for advanced services, you need to shell out $30 for five to ten users (includes video conferencing) and other enterprise-level features.

Customized Apps for Mobile

Your employees probably travel for official purpose, so you need a VoIP service that can also travel with them. Sadly, all VoIP providers do not offer mobile apps that can deliver the same services and value like desktop apps. Ask your VoIP service provider about the services they are offering and choose those mobile apps that are in sync with industry standards. Most of the VoIP phone services offer call forwarding that is very handy to get calls delivered to your customers when they are traveling. The systems which do not have a dedicated app will not be able to create a log for these calls or create voicemail transcripts if any calls are not answered.

Call Management and Routing

Many service providers have the option to route calls from one representative to another after a few rings, hold calls within a queue until they are answered and provides a voice or touch menu.

Third-Party Applications

If you want your service and sales personnel to be productive while taking calls, choose a VoIP service that can be integrated with third-party apps. Please check the list of integrations before taking the final decision. If the VoIP service provider offers services that are better compatible with your software ecosystem than the others, look no further, and choose this provider only as it will be easy for you to handle a large volume of service and sales calls.


As with every product you buy, the quality of service you will be receiving is important to how good your service functions. Some service providers offer phone support round the clock, email ticket support and live chat support for customers who are facing problems. You will get support depending upon the plan that you bought from the provider. Some offer round the clock support over the phone for their customers who bought plans for two or more users. For a single user, you will get 13 –hour support from Monday to Friday. If you are running a global business you want someone who can guarantee that your queries will be solved in a specific time.


This is necessary for every business who have opted for cloud-based service so that your business will be safe from intruders. For an internet based app like a VoIP app which serves as the fulcrum of your business communication, inside-out security measures are even more relevant. Check for services that offer end-to-end authentication and encryption, firewall protection and private VLANs.