Importance of Spam Filtering Services in Business Operations

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Ever since its inception, email has been a revolutionary means of communication, used by everyone who is familiar with the internet. Though technology has advanced and various other forms of communication like VoIP calls, text messages and video calls are taking over emails in other walks of life, they still seem to dominate the corporate sector and will continue to do so. The reason being speedy delivery, a formal and disciplined structure and freedom to attach a variety of files.

However, spam is one aspect of email that evokes disgust almost instantly and destroys the disciplined fabric that emails are known for. For those who regularly use emails as a means of communication, spam is sometimes the most hated thing in the world. To avoid getting spam messages and fall into the trap of fraudsters and hackers, a business organization must make spam filtering services mandatory. Read on to know why spam filters are so important.

Importance of Spam Filtering Services

The reason to employ spam filtering services is very clear, that is the rampant rise of spam messages and their inevitable existence. Below mentioned points will discuss this aspect in detail and explain why spam filtering services are so important.

• It is said that 65% of the emails exchanged all over the world are basically spam messages which are totally useless and repugnant. Hence, it is quite clear how spamming has grown into a serious issue over the years and devaluing the culture of email communication. This has to be stopped at any cost.

• If 65% of the emails exchanged are spam messages, it is not hard to imagine the amount of junk accumulated in email servers all over the world. These junk mails will only clog the pipelines and hard disk drives of computers and do no good than contribute to additional overhead, storage and maintenance issues. Spam filtering services will put a permanent end to junk mail.

• It is hard to decipher the intent and content of a spam mail. It could just be a harmless and unwanted newsletter/sales push or could even be a fraudulent mail which will trick your employees into leak high-profile, confidential information like employee details, credit card details, company details etc. Spam filtering services will identify the source of such emails and blacklist them to avoid further damage.

• Continuing the above point, spam messages are not just devised to extract information or clog your inbox, but also infect your networks and drives with malicious content and harmful viruses, malware and Trojan horse. Once infected, it is very hard to cleanse the drives again and a lot of time and money will be wasted on it.

• Spammers don’t just stop with sending unwanted and malicious mail, but might go a step further and take your computer and network as hostages. Popularly known as zombies, your resources will be used as zombies to send/forward their illicit mails to other computers. This is not only misuse of resources but a breach of confidence and brand image.

• If you are working in the corporate sector, you can’t ignore any message and every spam message looks like a genuine message before you open it. Hence, spam is a huge blow on the productivity of your workforce and a dent on the employee morale. These email filtering services can work wonders in such situations.

email filtering• Spammers are as smart as security personnel and constantly strive to improvise their methods and bypass the various barriers your security personnel will setup. These filtering services are the most ideal solutions in such situations since spam filters are constantly updated to outsmart these spammers.

How Do Spam Filtering Services Work?

• A spam filtering service essentially consists of a mail exchange record that acts as an exchange center between two mail servers exchanging messages. This record is equipped with many spam filters such as content filters, header filters, general blacklist filters, rules-based filters etc.

• The job of these filters is to identify spammy messages and blacklist the sources of these messages. The blacklist maintained in the mail exchange record is constantly updated and also a whitelist of IP addresses is maintained to identify safe and credible sources.

• Spam filters are customized to suit the requirements of the client and updated constantly to stay abreast with the new techniques spammers employ to bypass the exchange records though they are blacklisted.