Key Things to Consider in Dynamic IP VPN

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These days, dynamic IP VPNs are being preferred by business users because of maintaining higher degree of anonymity and also for avoiding blocks experienced in accessing certain websites.  Obviously privacy and security are the two biggest concerns that make people embrace VPN services. Now VPN services are often banned from accessing certain networks and websites and in such times dynamic IP in VPN that changes every time users log in can play a great role in hiding the identity of the user or the networked device. Generally the following benefits can be considered while taking dynamic IP VPN services.

•  Public IP Addresses: Through dynamic IP VPN you can get your own and randomly changing IP address.

•  Less chance of your IP being blacklisted: Unlike conventional VPN dynamic IP VPN services are blocked by websites far less.

•  Easier verification codes or Captchas: Most websites to block VPN services from accessing offer hard verification codes or captchas to enter. In comparison to that while using dynamic IP VPN you would have much easier captchas as verification code.

•  Port Forwarding: Using dynamic IP VPN you have the ease of forwarding traffic from assigned public IP address to the device in use.

•  Faster torrent: Easy P2P setup and faster torrent connection is a great benefit of dynamic IP VPN.

•  More ease:  Finally with dynamic IP VPN you have more ease of doing your activities over internet.

IP address

Every different computer within a computer network is assigned a numerical identity that makes that computer communicate with many other computers on the internet network through an internet protocol. This numeric identity of the computer is called the internet protocol or IP address of that computer. This address serves as reference to the location of the computer and the identity of the network.

Static and Dynamic IP address

There are two distinct types of IP address, namely, static and dynamic. A static IP address ( is something assigned to your computer by the network administrator or internet service provider which remains the same when you connect to internet.

Dynamic IP address is the type of IP address that keeps changing every time you boot the computer and connect internet. This type of IP address is assigned by a host app or a separate interface, in the present case a VPN service.

Why one needs Dynamic VPN?

Wherever you need a full proof security and complete anonymity a dynamic VPN is the best option. Moreover, changing IP addresses needs configuring it every now and then and a dynamic VPN saves you from that hassle. Dynamic VPN let you enjoy complete anonymity by providing different IP addresses each time you log in to your computer. With a Dynamic VPN service provider this is done by the help of a client interface. Just as the client select a server from a particular country a new IP address is assigned to your computer from the respective server location.

Benefits of Dynamic IP VPN:

Some of the key benefits of Dynamic IP VPN over the Static or Dedicated IP VPN are discussed below:

Being hidden always with the randomly changing IP addresses provided by your VPN service provider you actually remain completely free from the security threats or unwanted intrusions from third party members.
The assigning task of multiple IPs to VPN users is done by the VPN client interface offering automatic change of VPN addresses and saving you from configuration hassles. In most cases while providing IP addresses to different users at different times a single IP is used for multiple users making security and anonymity stronger.

Lastly all other modes of random IP address changing are expensive compared to the VPN services with dynamic IP address.

With the huge competition among VPN services providers ultimately the customers are the beneficiaries with competitive performance attributes and cost. There are practically plenty of great VPN services that offer state of the art Dynamic IP VPN service at an affordable price.