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Clunky cash registers are now a thing of the past. Thanks to the Point of Sale software, has transformed how brick and mortar businesses manage their sales.

With a POS system in place, you do not need to spend hefty amounts of money on complicated setups that cost thousands of dollars.

Whether it’s retailers or restaurants, or even farmer markets, every business needs inexpensive and user-friendly POS solutions.

Let’s learn in detail what POS is and how it can make sales management a piece of cake for your business.

What Is Point of Sale Software?

Point of Sale software is what you need to use to conduct sales in person. It could be a computer, a cash register, or even a tablet where your cashiers need to key in products, tally the cost, and make the financial transaction.

Most of the top-notch POS systems can also communicate with inventory levels to ensure everything is balanced.

A lot of big-box stores have expensive and complex POS systems which are ideally custom-built for their requirements. But many independent restaurant owners and retailers stay away from these traditional POS solutions and adopting cloud-based POS systems.

This brings us to the next point about types of POS solutions.

Types of POS Systems

Point of Sales software is of two types: on-premise and cloud-based. On-premise POS systems need you to be on location to use them. Terminals are an example of on-premise POS.

But that’s not the case with cloud-based POS software. It doesn’t need you to be at the store to conduct sales.

Cloud-based POS solutions provide more flexibility as you can use any connected, compatible device to access the dashboard.

You can access the system over the internet, and it’s often compatible with most POS hardware (printers, cash drawers, etc.) and other tools in your tech stack.

This is great if you sell in both store and online and have an occasional in-person event.

How Can POS Systems Help?

Manage Inventory Across All Locations

Whether you have inventory at your warehouse, shop, or storefront, keeping accurate counts across the board is challenging and a tedious process. A POS system simplifies inventory management.

An advanced Point of Sale software can help you manage inventory anywhere you keep your products. This makes tracking more manageable and ensures quick order fulfillment as you would know how much of a product is at a given location at any time.

With a POS system, you can avoid stockouts as you can monitor stock counts across all your stores and automatically cease sales of products when your inventory runs out.

You will have complete visibility of your inventory across all your locations, which will make your job easier to shift stock from one place to another when you run low on a product.

Make Data-driven Decisions

You can also use Point of Sale software to make data-driven decisions for your business. Modern POS solutions come with advanced analytics that help break down and filter sales data to determine what’s working and what areas need improvement.

A few of the data a POS solution can help you with are:

● Both online and in-store sales data

● Sales per employee

● Sales per channel

● Number of sales over a specific period such as a week, month, day, etc.

● Number of orders

● Product reports

Effective Customer Data Management

A Point of Sale Software can help you quickly collect, track, and manage customer data. These data allow you better understand your customers and identify the most loyal ones.

A POS solution can help you manage the following:

● Customer loyalty programs

● Customer profiles

● Customer order histories

How to Choose the Right POS System?

Below is a quick list of key features you should look for when finalizing a Point of Sale software:

● Robust analytics and reporting capabilities

● Flexible payment, purchase, and delivery options

● Full visibility of into your inventory across all locations, updated in real-time

● Seamless integration with your business tech stack

● Quick access to order histories, loyalty programs, and customer profiles

● Customizable with a robust app store to suit your unique business requirements

● Flexible exchanges, store credit, returns

So, do you have any questions about Point of Sale software? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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