Software Development Company – What are The Benefits of Hiring One

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You may find it tempting to assemble in-house software development team to develop software or use off-the-shelf software to cut costs and time. But, a custom software allows businesses to optimize their business processes and work more efficiently.

As per the State of Software development report, around 56% of startups outsource their software development. Here are some reasons why many organizations prefer working with an IT software solution development company in US to build custom software.

Customized Solutions

The software requirements of companies differ even if they are in the same domain. The off-the-shelf software is built on general functionalities of a particular industry vertical. It offers very fewer options for customization and many times organizations have to either discard a certain feature or change the business process in order to fit in with software’s capabilities.

On the other hand, software development companies conduct extensive research before building customized software for an organization. Thus, the software you get aligns with your business needs.

The benefits of customized solutions are many. With customized solutions, organizations can identify bottlenecks in their business process and get it optimized with a customized solution. This result improved operational efficiency.

Low Cost

Many organizations think buying off-the-shelf software is less costly, but the truth is different. Such software is complex to use and many organizations only use 10% of the software’s functions.  This means 90% of the functionalities your organization pays for are wasted.

When you purchase off-the-shelf software you can only use it on a limited number of systems. If you plan to increase the number of systems, you have to pay more for additional licenses. Also, you might have to pay for updates that increase overall costs of software maintenance.

Custom software is specifically built for your organization which means 100% utilization of its functionality. There are no licensing clauses in custom software as all rights of the software belong to your organization. You can install them on “n” number of systems without worrying about licensing issues.  Though you pay higher upfront costs for software development initially, your organization actually saves money in the long run.

Focus on Core Activities

When you hire anIT software solution development company in the US, you are free to focus on core business activities.  For example, if you are a manufacturing company which needs custom software to track the employee’s performance, you can ask the software development company to build software while you focus on production.

Guaranteed Business Value

When your employees get a flexible work culture delivered through a customized solution, they will be more joyful at work that will enhance their efficiency. For software development companies, clients and their business partners and customers are a priority which stimulates them to offer solutions that have greater business value to their clients.

For example, custom software not only includes specific functionality but also includes any particular preferences and expectations in the application.  Custom software also allows integration with key systems enabling capturing of data for seamless big data analytics and also facilitates compliance.

Lower your Risks

When you hire an IT software solution development company in the US, you also share the risks with them. For example, if the compliance rules change, you can contact your software development company for an interface addition or change in functionality to adhere to the new industry standards.

Software development companies can re-prioritize the overall sprint to include changes and ensure the developed software adheres to industry’s best practices and standards.  This is not possible in off-the-shelf software which does not allow code modification.

Transparency Throughout the Project

When you hire a software development company, they create a project plan with timelines and discuss it with your organization. Throughout the project, there will be several project meetings to discuss the work progress and better alternatives to make the software more robust and customer friendly.

These are some of the benefits of hiring a software development company. Without any doubt,  custom IT software solution development services in US can design and develop better software than an in-house software development team with limited technology exposure and experience. Also, the custom software would be far better than off-the-shelf software which is built on the one-size-fits-all concept.