The Dangers of Computer Radiation

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes

Portable computers, better known as laptops, are becoming more and more popular among consumers in today’s age. As popular as laptops are becoming, the growing possible dangers of computer radiation are also becoming more widely talked about. All this talk about the possible dangers has prompted new products that will help safeguard users from the risks that are possibly being emitted from laptops in the form of computer radiation.

A variety of dangers are perceived to come from being exposed to computer radiation, but with the proper precautions and sticking to certain guidelines, you can protect both yourself and your family members. The majority of laptops on the market produce 175 mG coming from the bottom surface of the laptop. The recommendation from doctors is to avoid exposure of electromagnetic radiation that exceeds 1-3 mG. Computer radiation can cause damage to cells or even begin DNA mutation. High temperatures are a concern when using your laptop in your lap; not only do you risk damage to skin and body tissues, but men are also at large risk of decreasing their sperm count.

Current studies have shown that computer can be problematic for pregnant women and it is very wise for them to avoid placing the laptop directly on their abdomens.   The high temperatures may be a concern for the fetus when pregnant. It is also a very smart choice to keep the laptop out of your lap to prevent any possible health effects from radiation.. Whenever possible, place your laptop on a desk or a table to lower your risks of being exposed to computer radiation. While it is a great idea to use a shield of sorts between you and your laptop to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation, it is not recommended that you use a pillow. Pillows will block the fan that is essential in cooling your laptop which can in turn lead to the overheating of your laptop. Repetitive overheating or the overheating that happens over an extended period of time can also lead to the malfunction of your laptop equipment.

Computer radiation exposure puts people at possible health risks such as cancer, infertility, vision impairment, and DNA mutation. There is also the possible reduction of enzymes that are important to the nervous system and even reduced activity in nerve cells within the human body. There have been many studies to research and figure out the exact dangers. There has not been enough money invested in the research yet to truly prove one way or another how severe the threats are. It will be many years before researchers are fully aware of the dangers computer radiation can carry.

Until then, it is absolutely imperative that whether you use your computer all day for work or only for recreational purposes you take the necessary steps to shield yourself from the potential dangers of computer radiation before you wind up being a statistic. The best thing to get is a product that, when placed under the laptop or other device, will deflect and eliminate harmful radiation. If this is what you are looking for to keep you safe from computer radiation, Defender Pad has what you need.