The Reasons You Should Look into Purchasing a Laptop Radiation Shield

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Laptop computers are everywhere. More popular than desktop computers due to their portability and small size, people of all ages are embracing them. But if you are a man who is concerned about your fertility, it might be time to think about protection. What we are now learning is that the radiation emitted by laptops can affect the body. There are two types of radiation that men in particular should be concerned about: heat and the WiFi signal. buy laptop radiation shield can help prevent laptop heat and WiFi radiation from damaging a man’s sperm.

How Radiation and Heat affect fertility

Laptops emit three types of radiation: extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR), radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and heat. When trying to conceive, one thing experts are beginning to advice men is to avoid high heat as well as WiFi which is a form of RF radiation. In order for sperm to survive and be viable, they require a temperature lower than body temperature. That is why testicles hang on the outside of the body. Enough heat (even one degree) can damage sperm DNA causing lowered sperm counts and DNA damage, which may lead to miscarriages. To prevent overheating, it is recommended that men avoid long hot baths, waterbeds, saunas, and, you guessed it, laptop computers. Laptop computers give off heat and RF radiation, which can cause body temperatures to rise by oscillating the cells. If the computer is on a table or if a person uses a laptop radiation shield, or has the laptop over an foot away from direct skin contact, this risk is much less.

How a laptop shield can help

But many people, men included, rest their laptops directly on their laps, for comfort and continence. By doing this, skin temperatures can rise over five degrees, well beyond sperm’s comfort zone and RF radiation source is extremely close. One way that men can avoid these health risks is by using a laptop radiation shield. High quality shields will block the heat from being transferred to the skin and instead will allow it to dissipate naturally while preventing the RF radiation from touching the lap. This means that men can still have their computers on their lap without any cause for concern. Most shields come in the form of a pad that is placed directly underneath the computer, giving that much needed protection. Remember, it is important to do your research when purchasing one to insure that they block all radiations, as all are not created equal.

The right laptop radiation shield will protect from all three radiations while allowing heat to dissipate and allowing the user ease of movement with the laptop. It should also be light and small enough to be carried with the computer. Choosing to start a family can be an exciting and stressful time and making sure to keep the body at the right temperature is important. Heat and RF radiation can lower fertility and potentially damage sperm DNA, so having the right (laptop) protection is crucial.