Top Five Reasons High Security Locks Protect You Better

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As estimated, it’s nearly 38% of home invasions in the US prove no mark of having a forced entry. Whilst the stats are scary enough, it could be fairly upsetting if your property happens to be a part of these stats depending on the kind of locking system you rely on for your domestic or workplace security. So, if you are one of those homeowners with simple cylinder locks and concerned regarding the safety of your loved one, valuable assets, and property, it’s high time for you to replace your traditional security system with high security locks Toronto.

Similarly, if you buy a property with an easy picking locking system, before having an entry make sure to contact a professional locksmith company who will evaluate the whole security system of the property and suggest door locking systems ensuring absolute protection of your home. Following are the reasons why should you consider high-security locks for your home or commercial place.

Anti-Picking/Anti- Bumping/Anti-Drilling

Market surveys show that lock picking and bumping have been recognized as a fast escalating threat when it comes to residential security. With a little training, few tools, and techniques, burglars can easily unlock your 1-dimensional cylinder lock (mostly used for residential security) merely with a kind of pin tumbler mechanism within a fraction of a second. The biggest benefit of having high security locks Toronto is that they are engineered anti-picking with innovative multi-levels of biaxial key cutting inside the system that makes them hard-hitting for intruders to pick or bump the system. Often a pick-resistant lock is found worthless when a dogged impostor drills the lock making it out of the place. That is the cause why new generation highly secured door locks are featured with drill resistive housings that protect the locks from getting detached from the doors. So, having robust locks not only lessens the risk of theft, but it simply means – you won’t have to spend money for replacing broken locks with new ones.

Range and Features

Global standard security locks Toronto are available in wide varieties and with extra features. High-security locks are made of extremely enduring metals that make them empowered to withstand all kinds of force or weather conditions. They use sturdy steel bolts and mechanisms and can stand against an intruder ramming, picking, or drilling or use of sledgehammer for breaking in.

. Aside from being made of heavy-duty materials and mechanisms, these security locks are found in varieties like a deadbolt, doorknob, retrofit cylinders, and others. Features include

. Multifaceted, multi-centered restrictive keyway locking systems that make locks extra-difficult for picking;

. Locks with toughened mounting and steel inserts prevent bumping and drilling. The internal mechanism includes a number of pins and mechanisms.

. Next-generation design involving rotating, elevating, and interacting pins incorporated with sidebars, sliders in addition to more innovative security facets.

. High precision construction with seamlessly matching and anti-duplicable keys;

. They can also be customized to meet the special requirements of your home or commercial facility.

Rekeyable Locks with Reset Facility

While misplacing, losing, or stolen key is not an uncommon incidence, how many times you would replace the front door lock of your residence or commercial locks. Changing lock means a lot including buying new locks to paying fees for hiring a reputed locksmith for replacing the same. To avoid this why not consider investing in high security locks Toronto with rekeying features that don’t require you to replace the lock itself even if the key is lost or stolen. Equipped with a reset facility, all you need to do is just resetting the locking device while the old key will no more operate it. With this, you can ensure the security of your home or office is guaranteed at all times without investing more.

Integrate With Remote Home Security Measures

Depending on the type of high security locks Toronto, they can be integrated with your surveillance security system as well as a smartphone. Adding this extra option provides you absolute security of door locks while enabling you to observe who is coming or trying to break the lock without knowing that you’re already fitted with a high-security device.

Peace of mind

When it comes to the safety and security of your family loved, having mental peace is priceless. With plentiful options out there, why not think of outfitting your home or commercial setting with high security locks in Toronto rather than keeping your home vulnerable to break-ins by imposters.