What Is a GaN Charger, and Why Will You Want One?

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Technology has evolved tremendously over the years. The unthinkable has happened and today we are living in a world where everything is possible with just one touch. When it comes to digital devices, we all know that there are thousands of devices available for our every need. Even in our houses, right from laptops to virtual assistants to iPads, we have everything for our assistance. And to make sure that all our devices run smoothly and have a good battery life, the GaN charger is something that has caught everyone’s attention.

We want things to happen quickly, even charging all our devices as fast as possible. And that is why the GaN chargers (gallium nitride) have started to capture the market as it claims to deliver fast and high quantities of power to all the devices and most importantly, the chargers are small in size and take up less space than the regular chargers.

What is GaN?

GaN or Gallium Nitride is a semiconductor that is put to use in creating chips for electronic devices, similar to silicon. It is a glass-like transparent material which is being used in LEDs for the past many decades. As we all know that silicon is a conductor of electricity which is used in vacuum tubes and also it keeps the production costs much lower. But now that the times have changed and technology has evolved, the GaN is faster than the silicon as it is extremely capable for high voltages. The electric current passes much faster through GaN as compared to the silicon which results in super quick processing and the heat is less.

What is a GaN charger?

Firstly, all you need to know is that a GaN charger is smaller than your regular chargers. The reason behind this is that unlike silicon chargers, the GaN chargers require fewer components and the material used is capable of taking up high voltages which the regular silicon will not take. Since they take in the electric current so efficiently, it also means that it uses less energy, and as a result, you end up saving up a lot of electricity.

All our devices like phones, laptops, tablets, etc have a battery and they require charging. So when you are putting your devices for charging, there is a chemical reaction that is taking place there as the battery is transferring power to the devices. And the charger takes the current to undo that chemical reaction. And in earlier days, there used to be issues of overcharging and battery damage because the chargers used to send current to the battery constantly. But with the new chargers, there is a monitoring system that lowers the flow of current and saves the device from overcharging. And a charger with GaN technology will give you a lot more things than the regular ones. The design of these chargers is really small they integrate USB-C power delivery and that is the reason why your devices can charge so quickly.

Why you must own a GaN charger?

This is the most important thing that you must look at while buying a charger. You do not want all your space to fill up and get bulky just because you have to carry chargers for your phone, laptop, and tablet. And GaN charger is the only perfect solution to that problem. All you need is just one charger that caters enough power to your phone, laptop, and every other device.

• Lower power is taken up by the GaN charger for your device

• The production cost for these chargers is lower than the silicon ones

• Takes up less space

• Because of its less capacitator, the loss during discharging and charging is lower

If you are thinking about the cost of these chargers, then be rest assured that it is not going to cost you a fortune. The GaN charger is extremely pocket friendly and it will be a one-time investment for you. There are different price ranges for the GaN chargers, but it will not cost you over $100 for sure. GaN chargers are indeed the future for digital technology and we must embrace it as it has all the benefits right there in one small device.