What is a Dedicated IP VPN?

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes

An IP address is the address given to your computer on a network such as a TCP/IP. A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a safe and secure way to browse the World Wide Web so no one such as hackers can trespass your address – IP address- and walkway with your very personal and financial information. VPN thus is a great technology to stay anonymous and protect your identity and personal information. You can choose either a shared or a dedicated VPN IP, but as the name suggests a shared IP has a few other users on the IP along with you, as such the actions of the group might affect your connectivity or browsing of certain websites.

In a VPN dedicated IP, you can have your IP -assigned to you by your Internet service provider- hidden, so you can anonymously browse the internet. An assigned fixed or static IP appears every time you login to the internet. Thus, a dedicated VPN IP not only offers you the security and privacy but also gives you access to unlimited content from anywhere you want.

In addition, a dedicated VPN IP is the safest and secure way to access your personal and financial information on the internet. In a shared IP, you will be sharing the same IP address with many other users, and some websites that takes their users privacy and security seriously may detect that this IP has other users, and hence alerts you about the activity on the IP.

Thus, when connecting remotely to your office network or even your home computer VPN is the best way, and a dedicated VPN IP is a step above other kinds of VPN IPs such as a shared IP, etc. Many countries censor content on the web, as well as on the TV. As such if you want to watch an American TV show or a specific American website in a country like China, you may not have access using the ISPs IP, but using a Dedicated VPN IP, gives you unlimited access to all American programs, websites, if you chose the IP of US, when setting up your VPN IP. You can choose the IP of a country you chose such as America, Canada or any European country while setting up a VPN. Thus, you can access programs and websites such as Netflix, YouTube, and Twitter, which are generally restricted in certain countries.

Finally, a dedicated VPN IP is the most safe and trusted tool for IT administrators to manage network resources from a remote distance. As such, a network administrator can still manage his client’s network resources with a static IP or a VPN dedicated IP anytime from anywhere.