What is Electronic Job Card Software and its Benefits?

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Job cards are used in many industries such as electrical contracting, facilities management, plumbing, etc. Through job cards, job details are sent to workers out in the field, and information about the work done on a particular job order is obtained.

In most cases, job cards are printed and handed over to engineers. Once the job is complete, they have to fill out the job card. Since many field workers don’t like doing administrative work, often there are delays and errors. Electronic job cards cut out paperwork and make life easier.

When you have to deal with paperwork, the process can be time-consuming, and sometimes information is missing or hard to read. This can lead to all sorts of problems. But many of the problems can be solved with the help of electronic job card software.

What are electronic job cards?

Instead of paper, electronic job cards use an e-form which can be filled by you and your engineers on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Generally, electronic job cards have two parts-One, details of the job including contact details of the customer and any relevant information about the kind of work that is required to be done, and two, a worksheet which your engineer will complete with the details of the work that has been done.

You can enter the details about the job along with the customer address and telephone number and then allocate these job orders to engineers or subcontractors with the help of electronic job card software. The engineer or subcontractor will be able to view the list of the job orders on his or her mobile device and can simply click on any job order to get more details. They will get directions and can also ring or text the customer when needed.

Once the work is complete, the engineer or subcontractor can enter the details of the work done and click complete. And you will receive the completed electronic job card. There is no need to chase engineers and subcontractors to get the completed job cards back and no missing, illegible or incomplete information.

Benefits of electronic job cards

Let us look at some crucial benefits of electronic job card software:

Instant updates

As soon as you allocate a job to an engineer or subcontractor, they can view it on their mobile device. There is no need to wait to get job cards. Also, there is no need to come back to the office if a new job comes in. They can also update the job sheet at the click of a button, which means that you can see the status of the job as it is updated.

Handling printed job sheets takes time. People from various departments become involved to track the movement of job sheets. With electronic job card software, they can utilize their time better.

No missed invoices

When there are delays in filling job cards or when they are missed altogether, that can lead to delays in sending invoices or can lead to missed invoices. With the help of electronic job card software, you can automate the process. As a result, you can raise invoices as soon as the jobs are complete. You can also automatically include the information required by the customer.

Electronic job card software ensures that your invoices are not missed and they carry correct information. This speeds up the process of sending invoices.

No missing information and no errors

Trying to decipher hand-written information is often difficult. The problem can be compounded if the engineer or subcontractor is working in a difficult or dirty location. Information sometimes may be forgotten if job cards are filled out at the end of the week or later. This can be the cause of disputes with customers.

Also, when your engineers or subcontractors manually enter information onto job sheets, there is the potential for human error. They may inaccurately enter their time. With electronic job card software, you can track work hours accurately.

Electronic job cards allow information to be put in electronic form, which means you can better analyse the work that has been done over time. This helps you to better allocate resources and improve your business.

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