What’s the Difference Between IT Services & Consultancy?

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Technical terminologies can sometimes sound surprisingly vague. IT services, IT consulting, software consulting may appear self-explanatory and distinct at first glance. But in truth, it can be hard to explain where one ends and another begins.

For example, if you want to protect your crucial data on a companywide basis, you may rely on one IT professional or a team of IT professionals. Perhaps you have hired them as in-house staff or work with them on a freelance basis.

Either way, knowing whether you require IT services or IT consulting can get you the data protection you require. But what’s the difference between the two?

Simply put, IT consultancy firms create winning strategies while IT services are about making the strategies come to life.

So, in this guide, we will explain what exactly IT consulting and services are and the differences between the two.

What is IT Consulting?

To understand what IT consultancy firms do, you have to think about the role of a consultant in general. A consultant is someone who specializes in offering advice in career sectors of all sorts.

Similarly, an IT consultant offer guidance on everything from overall IT strategy – including what to house in the cloud versus in the data center; to the type of functionality and technology required within the context of the customer’s business and IT environments and goals such as mobile security or process automation.

Simply put, they help you with expert advice and coaching to help your organization succeed in your tech goals.

What Are IT Services?

IT services providers offer solutions to technical problems. The services generally encompass areas of IT management and software engineering.

In other words, an IT consultant is responsible to find the right solution whereas an IT services provider provides a solution that consists of what they have in their tool chest.

For example, if you get in touch with a Microsoft shop, then you will most likely get Microsoft solutions whether or not that’s the best solution for you.

Here is a quick rundown of the IT services you will generally come across:

● Managed print services

● Computer training

● Network security

● Help desk support

● Cloud services

● Data recovery

Some IT service providers offer IT consulting as well. Yes, it may sound confusing but you’ll often come across such a service provider.

However, just because an IT services provider IT consulting services doesn’t always mean that an IT consultant will provide IT services too.

Differences Between IT Consulting and IT Services

Below are the key differences between IT consulting and IT services.

IT Consulting is More Strategy-Based than IT Services

IT consultancy firms help create or upgrade your organization’s tech strategy. You may have a long-term or short-term plan with many moving parts that must be achieved, and your IT consultant will work together to check off every last one of your boxes.

Now, when it comes to comparing with IT services, such services could also be about formulating a strategy, but not all the time.

For example, if you need helpdesk support because your Wi-Fi is down, that’s an IT service and is not considered a strategy.

IT Consultants Have More Limitations

You cannot expect IT consultancy firms to do every task necessary to achieve your organization’s tech advancement plan.

The limit could be due to having more business than tech skills, which doesn’t apply to all IT consultants but for some. So, they may not be able to do it all but can always connect you with someone who can be trusted and capable enough to do the job.

IT Consultancy Firms Lay The Groundwork

IT consultants are specialized in areas like advisory and technical language but they are much more business-minded than typical tech experts. They specialize in management and communications as well.

Although they can help you plan a foolproof IT strategy and track and manage the progress of your strategy, they cannot carry out every last element of the strategy formulation.

For example, they might advise you to opt for cloud computing services as your computers are old and hard drives are full but instead of supplying those services, they may work with third parties such as freelance IT services to help you get such services.

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